Event Schedule - The 3 Peaks


2016 will be 25 Years since the “3” Rally’s began. Starting as The 3 Peaks Rally, held over the Queens Birthday weekend in 1992, the Event moved to is Melbourne Cup Weekend date in 1995.

The “3” Rally’s have seen Entry lists as high as 130 Crews competing in the early years but more recently has become a smaller and more intimate close knit Event. The “3” Rally’s have visited the Peaks, the Valleys and the Lakes of Victoria and is now Australia’s longest running Touring Road Rally Event.

The first Events were held over four days, in 1998 it was over five days, but since 1999, it has been a three day Rally. In excess of 1600 Via Boards have been placed on nearly 16,000km of Navigation Sections, over 400 Sub-Events have been started and timed by dedicated Officials including Closed Roads, Hill Climbs, Motorkahanas, Circuit Sprints, Observation Sections, Average Speed and Fuel Economy Runs and Blind Navigation. The “3” Rally’s also introduced the AutoTest into the Australian motorsport landscape.

The Event has visited Race Tracks, Go-Kart Tracks, Drag Strips, Aerodromes, Sale Yards, Car Parks, Driver Training Centres and Speedways in the search for challenges for the competing Crews. Over the 25 Years there has been in excess of 900 Crews compete in the “3” Rally’s, many of these Crews have had their first taste of motorsport on these Events and have gone on to compete in higher forms of the sport such as Targa events, Circuit Sprints and National Competition.

For the 25th Anniversary, the Event will again be over three days and return to North East Victoria and “The Peaks”, the Event schedule is available for download at left of this page.